When you are on your Amsterdam holiday, have you ever wondered why the beauty of the Netherlands is retained up until today? Why are still so many trees that surround the place when you went on your Amsterdam city trip? Why are there so many nature parks that have been created for the benefit of tourists and locals alike? Is there a secret that you do not know?

Here is the secret that you may not know of. Behind the charming trees and the majestic landscape that towns like Ridderkerk have is a group of hardworking men and women who relentlessly turn ordinary areas into stunning places for flora and fauna. These people want to build more Amsterdam zoos and Ridderkerk wildlife that is suitable for all kinds of organisms to grow and prosper. We do not live alone. We have plants, animals, trees, flowers, the land, and the waters. Because we have the skills and the capabilities to either care or completely damage them, it is up to us to switch our mindset, establish certain goals, and make the changes that we need to do for the environment’s sake and also for our own sake.

Ridderkerk Nature Park Association

The Ridderkerk Nature Park Association is a nonprofit and non-partisan organization that aims to support the environment of Ridderkerk and make sure that the government is doing everything in its power to protect and nourish the nature in which we move and live.

Every government needs a watchful eye that will keep it from swaying to the other side and not look at the welfare of plants and animals. Nature parks need to be built and cared for. This is the only way for us to make sure that they are receiving the attention that they need and the nourishment that should be given to them. In this day and age, we cannot continue to use our natural resources and not return or give back to the environment. It is selfish on our part and is just plain wrong.

The organization prevents wrongdoings from ever happening to the environment. It is composed of teams of experts, environmental engineers, research specialists, and scientists that are in tune when it comes to caring for nature. By combining their knowledge and their talents, you can be sure that Ridderkerk will continue to sustain a habitable environment for people and for other living things.

What you can expect from us

Through our research, we will continue to recommend new nature parks to be built around Ridderkerk. We will use all of our resources to secure a place for trees in the area that we have here. If there are government projects that will contradict previous laws that we have which will ruin or degrade the quality of life in this town, we will be the first one to oppose them. No bill or law will get passed by us. We continuously monitor updates on our currently built nature parks and see to it that improvements will be made to expand and house more plants, animals, trees, and other living organisms.