Have you ever found yourself thinking whether an organization exists that speaks and fights for nature or is it just an afterthought? Ridderkerk is a nature park association which has a goal of restoring masses of areas into parks that prioritize planting and re-planting fruit-bearing trees, flowers, and organic vegetables.

Table of Contents

Who we are

Ridderkerk Nature Association was established in 1997 in order to fill the need to take care of the environment. The founders of the organization were a group of environmental campaigners who had sworn a life that creates plans and projects to reorganize the world and give nature a chance to breathe and to grow. Because of the continuous efforts of the team, we were able to give stability to the association. We got recognized as one of the reliable organizations that public officials talk to if they want to start a modification of an area in Ridderkerk. We are also able to partner with private companies in order for them to use us as a platform to build up their plans for corporate social responsibility.

What do we offer

First of all, we offer people a heart to serve the environment. If no one else speaks for nature, then it will continue to be manipulated and abused by people all over the world. Ridderkerk may be relatively small compared to the area of other towns and cities but it still needs to be protected against total revamp of the whole landscape. We are here to endorse projects, plans, and designs to make Ridderkerk as a home for the best nature parks in the world.