Going to nature parks is one of the things that you should put in your itinerary. Nature parks have a way of switching something on between you and the environment. It is putting a direction in your life much like an Amsterdam tour bus map. You will really enjoy being in one of these nature parks that are available for you.

If you are wondering where to go in your next vacation, here is a list of the best nature parks in the world:

galena nature park

Galena Recreational Park in Reno

One of the parks that made our list is the Galena Recreational Park. It is situated right inside the heart of Reno. You will see the Humbolt-Toiyabe National Forest as your background surroundings. It is a huge park that allows you to do a lot of activities. You should make sure to find the right las vegas hora when you go there because it can be too jam-packed during the summer reason. But you also have to aim for a sää las vegas wherein you will have a great time looking at the flora and fauna of the whole recreational park.

The park has a trail where you and your friends can go and hike it from start to finish. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes to prevent yourself from dehydrating and from making yourself too tired on the whole trail.

You can also check out different mammals and vertebrates that exist in the area. see the various species that live naturally on the park and those that have been particularly moved from a specific place to the park to care for them and increase their numbers.


Oosterpark in Amsterdam

To get ahead of the traffic and the people who will go there with you especially during the right season, you must find really cheap hotels in Amsterdam to stay in and make reservations prior to your scheduled trip inside Oosterpark.

This park is the first huge park created by the government in Amsterdam. It was conceptualized and designed by a notable architect in the 1890s to be the best nature park in the Netherlands. The whole plan was actually a park with a lake in the middle. Up to today, this park has been one of the best-designed locations in Amsterdam.

If you tour Oosterpark, you will see sculptures that are situated in different parts of the garden. Some of the crafts that were made by Jeroen Henneman, Jan Wolkers, and Hans Bayens can be seen in the park.

yellowstone park

Yellowstone Park

According to US News magazine, the Yellowstone National Park is the best in the world. Here, you will experience a different version of what nature is. If you will be coming from other countries, it is with a great recommendation that you look for the best flight deals available during the summer or spring seasons. These are good times to visit the park.

In the park, you can camp with friends, take photos of the breathtaking landscapes that it has to offer, hike the trails, go fishing, go horseback riding, and even skiing and snowmobiling.